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           DLL files             
DLL Files
opengl32.dll oscore.dll p5dll.dll pcre.dll
pgsdk.dll pncrt.dll pndx5016.dll pndx5032.dll
pngu3263.dll pperr.dll pr3240.dll pstprx32.dll
pubole9.dll quartz.dll ra32.dll ragui32.dll
rasapi16.dll rasapi32.dll regsvr32.dll riched20.dll
rnaui.dll rpcrt4.dll run32.dll rupdate.dll
sampli35.dll scrrun.dll secur32.dll setup.dll
setupx.dll shdocvw.dll shell.dll shell16x.dll
shell32.dll shlwapi.dll smackw32.dll snmpapi.dll
svrapi.dll symstore.dll system86.dll tabctl32.dll
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DLL Files
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