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AMD Catalyst is known for significantly boosting the performance of AMD APUs and GPUs, with an impressive up to 29 percent improvement compared to conventional methods. It seamlessly integrates with HDTV systems, guaranteeing flawless 4K playback without compromising on speed or power. 

Utilizing contour improvement technology, this package enhances the visual experience of 1080p videos, providing smoother playback and eliminating lag times. For users seeking to unleash the full potential of their systems, AMD Catalyst proves to be a satisfying and effective solution.

Installing the AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 Driver (Windows & Linux) 

Due to the fact that the AMD Catalyst has been officially discontinued years ago, finding the suitable software drivers can be tricky. On this page, however, you'll be able to find the latest AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 driver. To get your hands on the driver, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, complete the Captcha, and download the file. 

The downloaded file will contain two files for Windows and Linux. The exe file will solely be compatible with the Windows operating system (more precisely, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10; There is no support for Windows 11 due to the release date of AMD Catalyst). As of 2023, AMD ceased new releases when it comes to Catalyst, which means that there is no official support for MacOS. 

There are ways to maneuver the Windows driver and make it compatible with other operating systems, but that's a hefty process that requires strong programming skills. To run the setup on Windows, double-click on the exe file. 

Linux users will find a .run file. To run this type of file, right-click on the file, select Properties, and allow it to execute the file as a program. If this method doesn't work, open the Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), and use the cd command to access the file’s location (for example: cd /home/user/Downloads). Next, enter the chmod +x and sudo ./ commands (replace the names). 


This page contains drivers for Catalyst 15.7.1 manufactured by AMD™. Please note we are carefully scanning all the content on our website for viruses and trojans.

Driver file data
Vendor: AMD™
Device: Catalyst 15.7.1
Type: Video Adapters
Operating Systems: Linux
Windows Vista 32-Bit
Windows Vista 64-Bit
Windows 8 32-Bit
Windows 8 64-Bit
Windows 10 32-Bit
Windows 10 64-Bit
File name: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1.rar
File size: 403660257 bytes
Date added: 2023-12-14
Download counter: 60

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