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The Logitech M185 is a wireless mouse that combines simplicity and reliability for everyday computing needs. With its plug-and-play functionality, ergonomic design, and long battery life, this mouse offers a hassle-free experience for users seeking a straightforward and efficient peripheral for their computers. 

Whether you're navigating through documents or browsing the web, the Logitech M185 aims to provide a comfortable and responsive solution to enhance your computing experience. Here's how to install the latest logitech m185 driver on your device. 

Installing the Logitech M185 Driver 

In order to ensure the optimal performance of your Logitech wireless mouse, you need to occasionally update the necessary drivers. Luckily, Logitech has their own update utility which you can use to find the drivers you need. 

Logitech’s official driver update utility comes in a form of software titled Logitech Options, and the software is compatible with all versions of MacOS and Windows. As of 2023, Logitech doesn't have official support for Linux yet. Keep that in mind when installing any software or drivers, because installing unofficial drivers can cause permanent damage to the device. 

To get the latest Logitech m185 driver for your device, scroll to the bottom of the page, complete the Captcha and press the Download button. Now that you downloaded the files, locate them (usually in the Downloads folder), right-click on the zipped folder and extract the files. 

Windows users will find a single executable file, which they can run by double-clicking on it. On the other hand, MacOS users will find a dmg archive, which is activated by dragging it and dropping it over the Applications section. 

This page contains drivers for M185 Wireless Mouse manufactured by Logitech™. Please note we are carefully scanning all the content on our website for viruses and trojans.

Driver file data
Vendor: Logitech™
Device: M185 Wireless Mouse
Type: Input Devices
Operating Systems: Mac OS
Windows Vista 32-Bit
Windows Vista 64-Bit
Windows 8 32-Bit
Windows 8 64-Bit
Windows 10 32-Bit
Windows 10 64-Bit
Windows 11
File name: logitech mouse m185 drivers.rar
File size: 543363158 bytes
Date added: 2023-11-29
Download counter: 129

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