Pegatron H81-M1 Drivers & How to Install Them

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Established in 2008, Pegatron Corporation stands tall as one of the most successful motherboard manufacturers. With total assets exceeding $14 billion, Pegatron offers a diverse product line, including motherboards, desktop PCs, notebooks, wireless systems, game consoles, and TVs. If your PC or laptop device comes with a Pegatron motherboard, follow our step-by-step guide to update the drivers.

Pegatron H81-M1 Motherboard Specs

Before we dive into the installation guide, here are some of the most important specifications of the H81-M1 motherboard manufactured by Pegatron. Firstly, this motherboard is built with an integrated Intel processor. What this means is that many of the drivers you may need to update will be released by Intel as well.

Speaking of the Intel processor, the Pegatron H81-M1 motherboard is compatible with Intel Celeron/Pentium/Core i3/i5/i7. Moreover, the chipset manufacturer is also Intel (the chipset model is Intel H81, ergo - the title of the motherboard). 

Moving on to BIOS, the BIOS installed onto the Pegatron H81-M1 motherboard is released by AMI. Updating the BIOS is generally not recommended unless your device is reporting major issues related to BIOS. Follow our guide for AMI BIOS Update in case you wish to update your AMI BIOS.

Other updates your Pegatron H81-M1 may require include Ethernet and Audio drivers, both of which are developed and released by RealTek. Read on to find all other H81-M1 drivers on our website.

What Motherboard Do I Have?

In order to download drivers that are compatible with your device, you need to know the motherboard manufacturer. Windows users can acquire this information by simultaneously pressing the Windows button + R. When a small Run window pops up, type msinfo32. This will trigger another pop-up, and this time youíll have access to System Information. Find the fields that mention the Baseboard, and youíll see who manufactured your motherboard.

In case your motherboard is created by Pegatron, proceed with the download guide shown in the rest of the article. 

How to Download and Update Pegatron H81-M1 Drivers on Windows

Pegatronís components, most of which are released by Intel and RealTek, can be updated if you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Unfortunately, they have yet to create drivers for Windows 11. In order to download and update the Pegatron H81-M1 drivers on Windows, you can browse our pages for Intel Drivers (you need Intel Chipset H81, Intel Graphics Drivers for Windows), and RealTek Drivers (you need RealTek LAN drivers, RealTek Audio ALC662 Driver), as well as visit the AMI BIOS Update guide. 

Once you download them individually, simply locate the downloaded ZIP folders, right-click, and Unzip/Extract the folders. When you extract them, open each folder to find the Installation. In all cases, all the installation process requires is to simply double-click the Setup/Installation files. Restart the PC when the update is finished. 

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