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Download the AC'97 Intel 82801 AA Sound Card Device Driver for Microsoft Windows

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Owners of the Intel AC'97 82801 AA might be having trouble getting it to work with some machines that might consider it a legacy device. For these users, a new driver might allow the operating system to interface with the device. If the driver is missing or was deleted, you might be having sound problems as well. Driver corruption would have netted an error message, and a lack of sound afterwards. This card was used as the onboard sound device on some slightly older personal desktop computers, so users of newer system software might need to update their driver file.

Manufacturer: Intel™
Model: AC97 Intel 82801 AA
Tip: Download driver software to get the most current drivers for your computer.

Many of these device problems can be fixed simply by downloading a new driver from this website. The device could be brought back from the dead, so to speak, to give sound to a currently quiet system. If the sound was working before with an 82801 card, but is no longer, the driver may have become corrupted. A fresh copy should fix many of the problems that get started in this fashion. The majority of problems that people have with sound can be corrected with device drivers. PC audio output that isn't crisp is the one other thing to look out for; that could also indicate that the wrong driver is selected.

Driver file data
Device: Sound Cards
Operating System(s): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
File size: 830164 bytes
Date added: 18-May-2011 17:20
Number of downloads: 159460
Always get the latest driver version available. It will be compatible with your recent Windows update. This is essential for your system perofrmance and stability. We work relentlessly to get you the latest driver uploads. Update your drivers regularly to get optimum performance and reliability of your computer.

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